Container House

Today, fast and practical life demand is much more than it was in the past. Containers are often used more often to meet people’s need for shelter, safety, education, health, etc. functions. Containers which were mostly used in work fields are not designed as container houses for those wishing to have a quick, economical and useful house.

Practical Solutions With Container Houses

Container houses are generally used as a housing for fruit gardens, agricultural fields, hunting, summer and winter accommodations. Containers which offer an acommodation alternative to concrete and brick houses that take long time to build; stand out with their oractical and useful structure.In addition to providing a reasonably priced alternative to normal structures, they also prove themselves in terms of insulation. The most essential features of a house namely thermal, water and sound insulation are provided in those houses. Thus, they play a significant role in meeting sheltering needs not only in spring or summer time but in all four seasons.


Optional Versatile Use

Container houses produced at our factories are designed as single or double storey according to customer requests. All the sections desired inside the house are prepared during production stage based on the project. Units such as WC-shower can be added into one, two or three room houses per request.Apart from the standard production, if a larger space and more number of rooms are needed, containers are produced using a special combination. If a higher ceiling or a special roof is required, production is carried out taking climate conditions into consideration.

Having a high production capacity, Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. produces containers using ECS brand boards with variety of optional exterior façade coatings.  A-1 anti-flammable fibercement is applied on interior and exterior surfaces or painted galvanized sheet can be used for exterior surfaces. Electrical and sanitary installations are offered with flush mounting and surface mounting options.

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